Amazing pickles

Dear Sunshine Farms, I love pickles. I am however, a very picky pickle eater. Well, being perfectly honest, I’m simply a picky eater. I’m an alternative healthcare practitioner, I have about a zillion allergies, and I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding for almost three years now. Consequently, I am a fastidious ingredient list reader, and I like my food to be of the chemical/additive/GMO/superfluous ingredients FREE variety. It’s hard to find a good pickle that suits those requirements. I have taste tested every organic, local, and homemade dill pickle I can find in my local grocery store. I carefully inspect the label, get my hopes up, and then, too spicy, too bland, too sweet (what charlatan makes sweet DILL pickles!)… Inevitably, I am disappointed. The single exception to my pickle disappointment, is sheer pickle delight: Sunshine Farms Dill Pickles. I can only get them in one store (that I know of) in my city, and they are worth the drive. They are fabulous. Thank you so much for knowing what you are doing in the pickle department. M. G.