Bring the Heat Mix (3x500mL)


Our Sunshine Farms Combo Packs are the perfect way to enjoy all of our delicious products in one order. They also make great gifts! This pack includes our Organic Fiery Baby Dills, Organic Pickled Asparagus Zesty and Organic Pickled Jalapenos.

  • All of our products are delivered in packs of 3.
  • Home grown and processed straight from our fields, or locally sourced.
  • All-natural product with no artificial flavours or colours.
  • Handpicked and hand packed.
  • Perfect for entertaining.

Additional information

Weight 5.1 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 3 × 9 in
Organic Fiery Baby Dills Ingredients

fresh organic cucumbers, water, organic vinegar, salt, organic dried chili peppers, organic garlic, organic dill seed

Organic Pickled Asparagus Zesty Ingredients

fresh organic asparagus, water, organic vinegar, organic jalapeno peppers, salt, organic garlic, organic dill seed, organic bay leaf

Organic Pickled Jalapenos Ingredients

fresh organic jalapenos, water, organic vinegar, salt